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Vitamin Injections in Woolwich

Having low vitamin levels can lead to a wide range of health problems or below-optimum performance in a person. A deficiency in vitamins can lead to reduced energy levels, feeling tired, slow metabolism, irritability, poor immune system, undue weight gain, hair loss and a host of other health problems.

Having regular vitamin injections can work towards helping these issues, depending on which one you’re experiencing. People looking to improve their sports performance or those on a vegan diet can also benefit from vitamin injections.

At Aries Aesthetics, we enable you to feel your best through our personally-tailored vitamin injection treatments. After an initial consultation, we take the time to find out exactly what each client is looking to achieve and then formulate a bespoke plan.

Vitamin injections in Woolwich, South East London

What are vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections are injected into the muscle to deliver important nutritional supplements directly to the body. The aim of taking vitamin injections via intramuscular injection is to enable the body to rapidly absorb these nutrients. Vitamin injections have become a more preferred alternative to pills because of their quick action and relatively more convenient method of administration.

The most common types of vitamin injections are Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, which we offer at Aries Aesthetics to help our clients improve their health.

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Looking for the best provider of vitamin injections in Woolwich, South East London? Look no further. Aries Aesthetics is a tested and proven practice with a track record of successful procedures and happy clients. Our years of experience in addition to being a fully licensed, regulated and insured aesthetic practice set us apart. We are committed to making people feel and look good, thus, we ensure everyone who chooses our services gets nothing but the best.

Vitamin B12 injections in Woolwich, South East London

What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 helps with the proper formation of red blood cells, improved neurological function and DNA synthesis. The body requires varying amounts of vitamin B12 depending on age, which is why in some cases, some people do not get as much vitamin B12 as they need, making them require vitamin injections. People who do not eat animal products like fish, dairy, meat poultry or eggs may be deficient in vitamin B12 and might require vitamin injections to feel fully functional.

Vitamin B12 shots are injections taken directly in the vein to allow for 100% quick absorption into the body tissues.

Vitamin B12 injection benefits

Some of the benefits of vitamin B12 include;

  • It helps with the formation of red blood cells, which can reduce the chances of developing anemia.
  • It helps to prevent weakness and tiredness.
  • It helps the body with energy production.
  • It prevents congenital abnormalities.
  • It increases concentration and improves a person’s mood.
  • It helps with weight loss and stops hair loss or boosts hair growth.

How often do you need a Vitamin B12 injection?

If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency as a result of your diet, you may need to take a hydroxocobalamin injection twice a year.

In a situation where your body is unable to process vitamin B12, you may need to take vitamin B12 injections every two to three months for the rest of your life.

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Vitamin C injections in Woolwich

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body. It is important for bones and cartilage development, healthy skin and blood vessels and healing of the body. A deficiency in vitamin C can lead to sluggishness, feeling rundown, looking tired and falling ill frequently.

Taking vitamin C injections is the best way to deliver all the vital vitamin C that you need. The injection is delivered into your bloodstream directly and leaves you feeling good immediately. These injections are suitable for those with stomachs sensitive to oral supplements. At Aries Aesthetics, we administer vitamin C injections to help you feel good and able to perform your daily tasks with renewed vigor.

Vitamin C injection benefits

  • Vitamin C injection reduces fatigue.
  • It boosts your energy and immune system.
  • It improves your skin’s quality and looks.
  • It is a gentler way of delivering vitamin C to people with sensitive stomachs.
  • It is absorbed more efficiently than oral supplements.

How often to get a Vitamin C injection

It is recommended that you take Vitamin C injections once a month to reap its full benefits and keep your body adequately supplied with all the vitamins it needs to function.

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